What does it take to incorporate a company in the U.S.?

Less than three days and approximately $1,000.00 (U.S.). You don't have to be a U.S. citizen to own stock in it. And a Delaware incorporation is not to your advantage, unless you intend to go public. You should incorporate in that state where your central place of business will be located.

If I sell to U.S. customers from my foreign company, do I have to collect sales taxes? And what if I sell for my U.S. company?

Sales taxes are collected only if you are selling to the end user. If you are selling to distributors, or to manufacturers who use your products in their production process, sales tax is not an issue regardless of who is doing the selling.

May I drop-ship a large amount of my products to a US Warehouse location and then fulfill the orders from there?

Yes, this is done very often, almost always with the assistance of a Customs Broker and/or a "pick and pack" operator. If your volume is large, however, you may wish to consider the start-up of a U.S. company. In this way, the Foreign entity can effect a "related party transaction" and pay a presumably lower duty. (Duty is normally paid on the sale price, which is usually higher when sold to a customer.

May I work in the U.S. if I don't draw a salary?

No. Whether or not you are paid, much less by whom, is of no relevance to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Working here requires a work visa or green card. Doing any of the labor to produce your product or services constitutes work, and that includes supervision of workers.

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